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The Cadets Academy is dedicated, determined & devoted for global brand of excellence, promoting jointmanship & camaraderie at Delhi, India. We are first of its kind in providing professional SSB Training for all types of commission in Armedforces. SSB Training is handled by a team of professional trainers who were ex-assessors of various SSBs in the country. We have Officers for SSB training who were posted in the Army/Navy/Air Force Services Selection Boards (SSBs). Our team imparts SSB training and our Officers frequently update the changes that are included in the SSB for selection. For SSB training we have vast out door facilities and state of the art indoor training aids and facilities. We train candidates to face SSB Interview for all Types of Commission such as NDA, CDS, CPF, Indian Coast Guard etc. We have excellent training facilities and professional trainers for UPSC Entrance Exams such as NDA, CDS and CPF.

Indian Army
It offers a golden opportunity to be a part of world’s finest army and get trained not only to be an officer but a gentleman for life.
Indian Air Force
With a strength of approximately 170000 personnel and 1351 aircraft(year 2010 -2011), the indian airforce comprises one of the world’s largest air forces.
Indian Navy
Men in white command dignity and respect and are always in high spirits as the service offers personal, financial security and status in the society.
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365 Successful Women

254 Total Batches

1155 Successful Male

15 Years of Excellence

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