V Ranjan Bharadwaj
Psychologist & Criminologist (P.G. in Criminology & Police Administration)

“अगर है आप में फौलादी जोश,तो सूरमां बनाना मेरी फितरत में है|”

-By Vishwaranjan Bharadwaj
-Director at Cadets Academy

The cadets academy is one of the best training academy in India which provides the rigorous training for defence services aspirant. Its working for SSB interviews training with the proper guidance of best psychologist team of India. The cadets academy provides the talented faculties of UPSC syllabus. This academy provides the separate faculties for all parts of G.S (HISTORY,POL SCIENCE, GEOGRAPHY, CURRENT ISSUE, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS), MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, ENGLISH. Cadets Academy provides regular group discussion classes for G.S & INTERVIEW SKILL development. The cadets academy provides training specially for ARMED FORCES, PARAMILITARY & STATE POLICE SERVICES(NDA, CDS, CPF & ALL STATE POLICE SERVICES EXAMS). The cadets academy provides eloquent study material prepared by talented faculties of UPSC syllabus. Only cadets academy provides assignments for aspirants to rigorous practice of UPSC syllabus.

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